The Social Care Commitment and the CQC

How the Social Care Commitment can help you with the CQC

The Social Care Commitment can help you to show the Care Quality Commission (CQC) that you are meeting their essential standards.

The employer statements from the Social Care Commitment correspond with the Key Lines of Enquiry which are used by the CQC when they inspect care services.

You can use our mapping document to see exactly which statements match to which Key Line of Enquiry.

How the Social Care Commitment can help with CQC Inspection

By choosing the following two tasks from Statement 2 you can generate supporting evidence to show that you are meeting Key Line of Enquiry W2 'How does the service demonstrate good management and leadership?'.

  • Social Care Commitment STATEMENT 2 - 'I will provide a thorough induction for all new staff and for those changing job roles.'
    TASK 1 - Develop and review induction processes in line with legal requirements and best practice.
    TASK 5 - Monitor inductions to assess that they are appropriate and successful and provide documentary evidence that each worker agrees that such training has been received.

Social Care Commitment development plans

When you sign the Social Care Commitment, you will be given a development plan that records the tasks and activity you have promised to complete as part of your commitment. You can use this development plan as evidence during CQC inspections.

CQC support for the Social Care Commitment

The Care Quality Commission are supporters of the Social Care Commitment.

'CQC recognises that the leadership and culture of an organisation, and the support and training of staff, have a significant impact on the quality of care experiences by people who use services. CQC fully supports the Social Care Commitment and will assess the culture and leadership of services as part of its new approach to inspection.' - Dave Behan, CQC Chief Executive

'I welcome the Social Care Commitment and support its aim to encourage adult social care to be the best it can possibly be. We know from our inspections there are some fantastic care services, some that need to improve and some where standards are unacceptably low and need to change. I hope that employers and staff will use the commitment to help ensure the delivery of safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led services that we expect, and that everyone deserves.' - Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission