Signing up to the Social Care Commitment is an easy and quick process, whilst embedding the commitment into your workplace will have a positive, long lasting impact.

Steps to make the commitment:

  1. Sign up online by clicking here. To sign up you need to create an account and then run through each of the seven statements, selecting the tasks you are going to do to put the commitment into practice.
  2. Have your account verified. Once you have signed up, our support team will check your account, sending you a notification once you have been successfully verified.
  3. Make use of your dashboard. Your dashboard lets you update your statements, access your development plan and download your certificate of commitment. The dashboard is also where you’ll find a link to invite any employees or subsidiaries to make the commitment.

A guide to help you sign up to the Social Care Commitment may be downloaded here.

If you have any other questions about signing up to the Social Care Commitment please view our FAQs below or contact our support team on 0845 300 9505 or by email on

Register as a Multiple Site Organisation

An organisation with multiple sites who wants to achieve 'whole organisation' sign up can achieve this by using our Large Employer Model tool. For full details a guide to help you may be downloaded here.